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Aim High! was started in 1989 and incorporated in 1996 as Aim High!, Inc.
Aim High! is a customer focused Information Technology firm providing CTO, CIO, IT Director/Manager, Managed Services, Mobile Device Management (BYOD) and networking functions, primarily for Apple®* products, services, support and third-party integration.
Our services are technical, administrative or functional, depending on the customer's needs.
We can teach, explain or, if you chose, implement technologies to empower you, your employees and your business to be your best.

Aim High!, Inc. and its principals are or have been:
An Authorized Value Added Reseller
Members of the Apple Consultant's Network
Members of the Apple Consultant Relations program
Certified and members of the precursors to:
The Apple Certified Support Professionals
The Apple Certified System Administrators
Apple Certified Specialist
If we are cut, we still bleed rainbows.

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Aim High!, Inc. is a founding member of the Technology Services and Systems Network. Find your IS or IT professional here!
*Apple® and other Apple references are trademarks of Apple Inc. and used with love.